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Care for your gift wrap

Fabric Gift Wrapping will last years and does not need to washed each time it is used.

When all the gifts are unwrapped, instead of like last year picking up all the paper and stuffing it in your rubbish bin destined for the tip, this year retrieve all the fabric sheets, pouches and ribbons, fold them neatly and store them in a drawer or cupboard for the next celebrations in your house. You are doing your bit to save the trees and the planet.


If you have given the gift to another household, tell them about MILLY’S RE-USEABLE FABRIC GIFT WRAPPING and they can start their own bank of Fabric Gift Wrapping. If they haven’t heard of our website MILLY’S RE-USEABLE FABRIC GIFT WRAPPING, pass on the name. It is the ethical alternative to wrapping paper and with it you can create a fabulously wrapped gift in seconds by using knots instead of sellotape


We are all responsible for saving planet Earth for the generations to come.

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