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About Milly’s Fabric Gift Wrap

My challenge by providing fabric gift wrapping is to get people to start thinking fabric for gift wrapping instead of paper wrapping and to try and stop the mighty mountain of paper going to the rubbish dump and to start changing the mind set of those with sewing machines to do it for themselves.

The sewers of this world, once shown how easy it is to replace paper with fabric will take to the new way of wrapping like a duck to water, but for those who have never sewed in their lives, do not own a machine or pinking shears, and are time poor because of their busy lives, Milly’s Gift Wrap provides the answer.


Milly’s Gift Wrap is one beautiful and sustainable alternative to traditional wrapping paper. This unique fabric gift wrap is reuseable for many years and is affordable. It also adds to the room’s visible scene when the parcels are piled high, be it beneath the Christmas Tree or on a table.


Don’t worry about replacing your wrapping paper all at once. But stay committed to expanding your collection of fabric gift wrap each year until you’re completely free of paper.

Lynne of Millys gift wrap

Lynne Hinton, Owner of Milly's Gift Wrap

To make this affordable, it will probably be necessary to only use Milly's Gift Wrap for gifts within your own home. But if you do wrap gifts for friends or loved ones outside your house, be sure to explain the reason for fabric gift wrapping. (Doing our bit to lessen the amount of paper that goes to the rubbish dump). Try to use all-natural fabrics eg hemp, silk, cotton – tea towels make great wrappings and then have a second use.


There are some included in the fabrics available on Milly’s Gift Wrap. Keep coming back to Milly’s Gift Wrap website www.MillyWrap.co.nz - because the fabric wrapping sheets and pouches available will be constantly changing as we add to the range and some of the range sell out. I will aim to have at least 100 different fabrics available at all times.


The pieces that are at least 1 metre x 1 metre make great carriers for carrying your vegetables from the markets. Knot the two same side ends together on each side and you have a carrier bag ready to slip your purchases into and a double handle to carry it with.


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